2017 GPCA Meeting Notes

Opening remarks

  • Introduction of board members

Financial statement

  • Landscaping line – $1100
    • Usually paid from the pool’s expense, now by the GSPCA
  • Street lighting expense – $1500 (higher than in past years)
    • GPCA pays for street lights
    • GPCA forwarded the money to the pool to pay a last-minute expense.
  • Collections – lack of follow up reminders as well as failures to pay
    • Our law firm is behind on pursuing collections because of move, staffing
    • Pursuing the idea of hiring a company to handle collections, follow-ups, reminders

Pool report

(Dave not in attendance, will update at a later date)

  • Fewer bills from Dave for pool expenses
  • Baby pool must be brought up to county standards before it is restored
    • Bids from 15-25k
    • Dave might be able to use his contacts to get it done more cheaply
    • Will we have to have a separate guard for baby pool?

Old Business

  • Street lighting
    • In the past, idea has not been popular, but putting lights at street intersections was proposed.
    • Last bid $3300 per installation or $34,000 for 9 solar lights
    • This idea was met with a general lack of enthusiasm.
  • Problem properties
    • 34 Gandy
      • Problem properties has been contacted, and there is not much they can do at this point.
      • If we have to sue/foreclose, we might be able to recoup landscaping costs
      • Owner pays property taxes
      • Jack will look into contacting St. Louis County re: the sign in their window.
    • 5 Montauk
      • Vacant, formerly rental company
      • Landscaping has been left unattended
    • “Home under perpetual construction”
      • County can’t force owners to do much, they have been contacted.
      • DIY job, owner not allowed to occupy. Owner is a flipper.
    • Citizens committee
      • Identify problem properties and put pressure on the owners to keep up their properties

New Business

  • Graeler and Schuetz
    • Problems with staff at Rainbow Village parking
      • Appears to be resolved
    • Overgrown bushes at intersections
      • Will look into getting County to address “triangle of visibility” at intersections
    • Pool expense report
      • Behind on pool expense report
      • Will schedule a meeting for pool association in early summer
    • Welcome packet for new owners
      • Newsletter?
      • Need volunteers for content
    • New website to be created by Ashley Hite
    • Problem dogs
      • Chester from 24 Montauk
    • Solicitations
      • Ask to see county permit—must be worn at all times
      • Add no soliciting sign to your door

Vote for Directors

Cheryl Chick volunteered
Dave re-elected by vote

Meeting adjourned

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